Frequent Queries

NJMCdirect is an online service that allows residents of New Jersey to pay for traffic tickets without having to go to the municipal court. Residents of New Jersey can use the online traffic fine payment service or NJMCdirect to pay their penalties from the comfort of their own homes. To make your payment, go to, the official website of the New Jersey courts, and follow the instructions.


NJMCdirect Frequent Queries

Is there a way I can search for my traffic ticket and Time Payment Order online?

Enter the Court ID, Ticket Prefix (if applicable), Ticket Number, and License Plate Number to find a traffic ticket or Time Payment Order. To continue, the license plate number entered must match the one on the ticket.

If I have a specific question or concern about my ticket or complaint, what should I do?

Make a phone call to the Municipal Court where the matter was filed. Additionally, you can find this information on the ticket or complaint and on the Welcome Screen once the case information is entered properly.

Are there any additional charges associated with

Basically for processing payments through, a service fee is charged. The cost is calculated depending on the ticket or time payment order’s penalty amount. The service charge information is available on the official portal’s welcome page and the payment page. Before paying the ticket or filing a complaint, you can view the service charge information. 

How can I proceed if I do not have credit card information?

To utilize the payment option on, you must have a credit card. In the event that you don’t have a credit card, alternative payment methods can be found on the back of the traffic ticket or by contacting the Municipal Court.

What if I have already paid for my ticket?

You can view a paid traffic ticket on Although the portal may not have traffic tickets that were paid more than 90 days ago. For specific ticket information, contact the court.