When you break the traffic laws more often, you receive an NJMCdirect surcharge ticket. A police officer tickets you for breaking traffic laws if you have already accumulated over six points on your license in the last three years. In the event that more than six points are accrued over three years, a $100 fine will be imposed annually. There will also be an additional charge of $25 for every point above six.


As an example, if you accumulate ten violation points over 36 months, then you will have to pay $100, plus $100 for the additional four points so that you will pay $200 per year for three years. The total cost of all of this will be $600 over the next three years. In addition to this, there are several other scenarios where you will have to pay a surcharge:

  • A $100 fine is levied annually to anyone who drives with an expired license or no license at all.
  • Suspended licenses are subject to a $250 surcharge each year.
  • If you drive an uninsured vehicle, you will be charged $250 each year.
  • An annual surcharge of $1500 applies to driving while intoxicated.

NJMCdirect – Methods To Pay Surcharge

In general, there are four ways to pay your surcharge. They are as follows:

  • On the official NJ surcharge website,, you can pay online with your credit card or debit card. It is convenient to use any major debit or credit card. The bank may charge you a processing fee of 2-3% with this method.
  • Using an ATM card, you can call a toll-free number in New Jersey (844)424-6829.
  • In the USA, you can transfer money directly from the Western Union Money Transfer office.
  • Cheques and money orders are both acceptable forms of payment

Surcharges are an inevitable part of daily life. The rules are complicated and confusing. We typically pay them without knowing anything about the matter or investigating it. Nevertheless, it is important to understand how these things work. Analyze your surcharges and make sure you check them properly before paying them.